Miscellaneous D&D Discussions

A variety of discussions, analyses, and critiques of the way the D&D 3rd Edition game rules work are collected below:

Recommended Terminology Changes
Suggestions on what technical terms should have been renamed or shortened. Discusses attacks of opportunity, size categories, and action types.

Dragons Are Too Small!
Compared to other monsters, dragons are actually too small. Surprised?

How to Create a Monster's Correct Hit Dice
An analysis of Dragon magazine "new monster" rules versus creatures in the actual Monster Manual.

4d6 Probability Curve
A graph of the results of rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest die, as done during ability-score generation.

Discussion of Fractional Hit Dice
Should monsters be assigned a fraction of a full hit die? In general, I think not.

Discussion of 10-Second Rounds
Would it help to have rounds of 10-second length? I think so.

Discussion of Avatars
I basically don't think that "avatars" of deities should exist at all in the D&D game. Here's why.

The Outer Planes of D&D
A longer essay about the Outer Planes of D&D, some of the problems that have crept into current official descriptions, and a bit of thought, research, and links on the origin of outer planes ideas from mythology.

How Does Intelligence Relate to IQ?
It's simple if you look at original AD&D sources and use a little common sense.

Does the Enlarge Spell Makes Sense?
Why the benefits from the enlarge spell work out to the numbers at which they're set.

Beasts in the Creature Catalog
An observation that Scott Greene's "Creature Catalog" if full of Beasts that should really be giant Animals.

Analysis of Monster Changes
Documentation of the changes to the overall monster set, in the evolution from AD&D to D&D 3rd Edition.

House Rules for 1st Edition Flavor
A short list of simple house rules for D&D 3rd Edition games which bring back crucial pieces of AD&D 1st Edition tone.

Giants: AD&D 1st Edition Conversion
A purist's conversion of 1st Edition giants into 3rd Edition rules.

Whales: AD&D 1st Edition Conversion
A purist's conversion of 1st Edition whales into 3rd Edition rules.

New Spell: Mask Object
Needed for some conversions: an illusion (glamer) that hides objects.