Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Documents

This page contains documents and reference sheets helpful for playing d20-based games. Everything on this page is distributed under the Open Game License. (See the bottom of the page for all spreadsheets in an open text format.)

Thumbnail Rules
This is a short summary of rules I find helpful to keep on hand during play sessions. (Along with photocopies of "Combat Basics" on PH p. 117 and the "Quick Reference Tables" on DMG pp. 247-253.) In Rich Text Format.

Race & Class Spreadsheet
Two pages: the first, a summary of attributes for most characters races, including demi-human sub-races, humanoids, and monsters. The second, a summary of the core PC and NPC classes, including basic statistics, skills, proficiencies, and starting gear. Microsoft Excel document.

Skills & Feats Spreadsheet
One page each dedicated to short descriptions and information for all of the core skills and feats. I find this to be useful during initial character creation (especially with players learning the game for the first time). Microsoft Excel document.

Languages Spreadsheet
A single page summarizing the initial language options for characters of all types. Microsoft Excel document.

Class Spell Lists
Ready-to-use spell rosters for each of the core character classes. Includes abbreviated descriptions, components, difficulty classes, and so forth. Create personalized spell lists by copying in domains, or removing those spells missing from a wizard's spellbook. Separately, I also have a master spell roster available here. Microsoft Excel document.

Monster Reference Tables
A single page collecting the important tables used for monster adjustments and advancement. (You may wish to use this in conjunction with a photocopy of MM p. 13.) In Rich Text Format.

Common Animal Statistics
A single page summarizing the statistics for the most common animals - particularly, all the mount types available for purchase in the Player's Handbook. In Rich Text Format.

Common Human Statistics
One page with full statistics for frequently-encountered human characters: commoners, experts, and warriors. In Rich Text Format.

Standard Party Statistics
Two pages with summary statistics for a 4-person NPC party of even levels 2-12. I've found this pretty useful for running playtest combat sessions. Microsoft Word document, or PDF here.

Disease & Poison Spreadsheet
A one-page spreadsheet presenting the salient characteristics of all the diseases and poisons detailed in the core rules. Microsoft Excel document.

Traps & Hazards Statistics
A collection of short statistics blocks for all the traps and hazards listed in the core rules. Includes alternative statistics for pits if using the cumulative-damage-falling rule (see "Environmental Risks", below). This is 5 pages long; in Rich Text Format. The same listing is also available in the abbreviated "QuickStats" format (see below), here; a 1-page Microsoft Excel document.

Summon Monster Statistics
A collection of statistics blocks for all the core creatures that can be conjured by the various "Summon Monster" spells (generally used by Bards, Clerics, Sorcerers, and Wizards). Runs 19 pages long; in Rich Text Format. You may also wish to consider the same list of creatures in the shorter "QuickStats" format, here; a 5-page Microsoft Excel Document. Or, as a third option, summoned monsters in a template suitable for business-sized cards from an office supply store, here; a 16-page RTF document.

Summon Nature's Ally Statistics
This document collects the statistics blocks of all the creatures that can be called upon by the various "Summon Nature's Ally" spells (generally used by Druids and Rangers). It's 12 pages long; in Rich Text Format. Alternatively, you may prefer using the same list in the shorter "QuickStats" format, here; a 3-page Microsoft Excel Document. Or, summoned allies in a template suitable for business-sized cards from an office supply store, here; a 12-page RTF document.

Monster Monograph
Statistics blocks for every monster in the Core Rules! Includes abbreviated details for common special abilities like poison, disease, breath weapons, and so forth -- it's almost 70 pages of statistics blocks, in Rich Text Format. In addition, the same monsters are available in an abbreviated "QuickStats" spreadsheet, here (and below); a Microsoft Excel Document.

Dragon Directory
Ever find it frustrating that nowhere in the core rules are dragons presented in the standard unified statistical format? I did, so I compiled them all together in this document. Much credit must go to Charles Greathouse and his excellent online generator, available here, for making this possible. It's 80 pages of draconic goodness! In Rich Text Format.

QuickStats Spreadsheet
A "DM's Log"-type standardized session statistics roster for characters, monsters, and random encounters. Includes an XP calculator tool. See also the "Monster QuickStats" list (statistics for all the core monsters), and the "MonStats" computer program (which generates data in this format), below. Microsoft Excel document.

Monster QuickStats
A listing of one-line statistical excerpts for all the creatures in the core rules of this edition, in the same format as the "QuickStats Spreadsheet", above. Microsoft Excel document.

Wilderness Encounters
This a spreadsheet detailing encounters with wandering monsters in the most common areas through which adventurers travel; it's in the same format as the "QuickStats Spreadsheet" above. Microsoft Excel document.

Zipped Open Format Spreadsheets
If the Excel spreadsheets above are technically troublesome for you, all of the same information is available here, in comma-separated (CSV) text files. Obviously, the elegant formatting and multiple worksheets are removed in this format, and the whole package is in a single .ZIP file. Hopefully, this should be accessible for most visitors to this page.