Currently I keep a blog on mathematical topics called Occasionally I'll write an essay on other subjects which strike my fancy; somewhat older stuff is kept here below.

Superdans Through History
Is it really an essay, a cartoon, a tract, or just a presentation? We're not sure, but everyone's surprised by the contents. (Length: a tidy 250 words, with pictures. You know, for the kids.)

Rules for The Apprentice
If you find yourself in the boardroom on the TV show The Apprentice, read this first! (Length: 450 words.)

A Look Inside the Mind of the Dan
A look at where my brain is at most of the time. (Length: 70 words, with pictures. C'mon, you've got time for that.)

Object-Oriented Design Principles
Thoughts on what makes for a powerful OOP design, after recently finishing a small computer board game project. (Length: about 500 words.)

See Your Papers?
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that police can demand identification without cause, and you can be arrested if you don't comply. (Length: about 1,000 words.)

Space Science is Not Just a Search for Alien Life!
I'm routinely aggravated by popular news stories that spin any sort of space science research into a quest-for-aliens. Here's a look at some of the patterns that you, too, might be able to detect. (Length: about 1,300 words.)

Star Wars Episode I: 20 Criticisms
This was written in 1999, not too long after I saw "The Phantom Menace". My opinion is that Star Wars Episode I is a pretty bad movie. Here's why. (Length: about 3,000 words.)