Superdans Through History

The purpose of this page is to educate you about other Superdans, such that you will NOT confuse any of them with myself. In your search for quality, accept no substitutes!

Value man

Super Dan the Value Man

This Super Dan was the advertising mascot for SuperValu, a grocery store chain based in Minnesota. The "Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots" website theorizes as to dastardly means by which the previous mascot, Super Dave, was removed. You may wish to read more about this situation at the Orphanage, via the link above.

Dan hotel

SuperDan 7

SuperDan 7 is a reduced-rate program at the Dan Hotel chain in Israel, effective during the off-season. From November to March, a 7-night stay will only cost you $1,057, double-occupancy (as opposed to $1,530 in the peak season). If this sounds too good to pass up, check it out by clicking on the title above.


The guy who registered the domain is, quite arguably, even more of a geek than myself. There you'll find daily updates on his progress installing Windows NT, his most recent speeding ticket, and when he'll be visiting his mother-in-law in Reno. You can get a more hi-res shot of his left foot than the one I have here. Finally, you can apply for club membership if that still doesn't satisfy you. Get there via the header, if you simply can't resist.

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Superdans on the Internet

And, of course, there's about a million other folks who've taken to calling themselves "Superdan" or using it for their email handle or whatever. Oh, well.