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Scott, Kurt, and Dan.

Hurting Daniel is a band from Orono, Maine playing original music. We have three members, all recent graduates from the University of Maine. Kurt Gundersen, originally from Kennebunk, plays lead guitar and sings; Kurt studied theater at UMO. Scott Mason plays bass guitar; Scott hails from Brunswick and has just completed his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Finally, Dan Collins, who plays drums, expects any day now to send his M.A. in Mathematics back home to Berwick, Maine. The songs played by Hurting Daniel are predominantly written by Mr. Gundersen.

Bernie Car of cradle magazine has written:

Never underestimate the potential of any band... there was something I liked about the look, feel, and presentation of this three piece band... I hear a combination in the first number, Mother's Loss, of R.EM., which then sometimes switches to a heavy and fast Smithereens... What these guys have going for them is the guts to go for it...I want to like this band. I know they have a following by now...
[Issue 20, June 14, 1995]

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