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Space marines exploding

Space Marine Casulaties

Did you know that to this date, nearly Starcraft Marines have been killed on alone? Please, help stop the madness!

To see how this number was computed, click here.

Space War map

Starcraft Settings Map: Space War #1

In all my years of studying the skirmishes of the past, I have constantly mused upon which composition of spacefleet would truly be the most potent in a total and unrestricted, pitched battle. Now, it seems, fate has finally given us the opportunity to find out.

- Admiral Raman Dicerbo

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Alternate Starcraft Sound Files

After a sufficient time of playing Starcraft, the voices sounded by the characters and units in the game become so familiar that they may no longer even register mentally while you're playing. You may wish to add a bit of freshness and variety to your play experience, by substituting in the following alternative sound files to the game. To use them, simply unzip the following files to the subdirectory of the same name within "Starcraft/Sound/Terran" on your computer's hard drive. (If you don't already have the Starcraft Sound Utility -- which will set up these directories in advance -- you may wish to download it from the Blizzard website here.)

Attacking Photon Cannons

Some players may find it interesting to see a rigorous algebraic analysis of the best way to attack a battery of Protoss Photon Cannons. If you're one of those people, go ahead and click here.

Starcraft d20

I started to make a set of conversion rules to play Starcraft using the d20 Future rules available under the open game license. I did work on the basic races and class combinations and some equipment conversions. Download that document here.