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The Robot Auto Racing Simulator is an open racing-game engine which allows computer programmers to compete in writing AI (artificial intelligence) robots which race each other, following the annual Formula 1 schedule. You can get more information on the competition in general, including full source code, rules for participation, and access to mailing lists, here: http://rars.sourceforge.net/what.html.

My current robot is a racer called "BigRed". BigRed came in 7th for the overall 2002 RARS F1 season... not too shabby!

Driver's Standings

K1999651 pts(France)Remi Coulom
K2001483 pts(France)Remi Coulom
Bulle2413 pts(Belgium)Marc Gueury
SmoothB366 pts(Canada)Dennis Lew
J++256 pts(Mexico)Jorge Cervantes
Mafanja227 pts(Germany)Eugen Treise
BigRed208 pts(USA)Daniel R. Collins
OscCar2186 pts(Sweden)Oscar Gustafsson
Djoefe186 pts(Belgium)Gian-Carlo Pascutto
O1144 pts(Sweden)Oscar Gustafsson

Constructor's Standings

Remi Coulom651 pts(France)K2001, K1999
Marc Gueury413 pts(Belgium)Bulle2
Dennis Lew366 pts(Canada)SmoothB
Jorge Cervantes256 pts(Mexico)J++
Eugen Treise227 pts(Germany)Mafanja
Daniel R Collins208 pts(USA)BigRed
Oscar Gustafsson203 pts(Sweden)O1, OscCar2
Gian-Carlo Pascutto186 pts(Belgium)Djoefe

Official Results

For the official season schedule, regulations, and per-race results, please consult this page: http://rars.sourceforge.net/results2002/results.html.

Other Links

I also invite you to visit the web page of Remi Coulom, the programmer who's trounced me and all other competitors for the last several seasons. Of course, his robot is part of the work he's doing for his PhD thesis at the Leibniz Laboratory of the Institute for Data Processing and Mathematical Applications at Grenoble, France, so I'm willing to grudgingly admit his current advantage. Feel free to look at his PhD thesis, here: http://remi.coulom.free.fr .