Marvel Super Heroes Resources

This section contains a few suggestions for TSR's superhero game (published circa 1984-1986). Anything here is suitable for either the Original or Advanced ruleset versions.

Rules Alternatives

Revised Rank Definitions
Ever get irritated by the lack of a systematic method for the power and values of MSH ability ranks? Well, I did, and I think I found a fairly satisfying way of fixing it.

Superheroic d20 Characters
This is a primer on what the d20 system statistics look like stretched to their wildest limits, as perhaps for a superheroes-type game. Includes suggestions on how to convert abilities from the Marvel Super Heroes game to D&D 3rd Edition.

Marvel Superheroes d20 Characters
Now that there is an official d20-style superhero game, here is a recommendation for how to start converting official Marvel Super Heroes characters to the Mutants & Masterminds game system.