Monster Icons at Scale

Listed below are a variety of flat, top-down images of some D&D monsters (mostly those based on real-life creatures), at a variety of scales. I have found these to be fairly useful, especially when dealing with rarely-encountered monsters of unusual or large size. (Just in case you fail to own four different sizes of "shark" miniatures, or a model of a "colossal monstrous centipede" that's a full two feet long.)

You'll find several types of vermin, animals, and dire animals below, each listed under the basic creature name. These images are all set at a scale of 96 dots-per-inch (which you'll want to match with your display "Font Size" if you're printing directly from Netscape or Paint in Windows); if you want to quickly print a page filled with many icons at once, you may wish to consider using my "Tile" program for DOS/Win95 (which will require first saving any images as Windows .BMP bitmaps), which is available here.