Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Resources

This page contains accessories for AD&D game play. Again, this material is developed mainly from 1st Edition sources, but should be generally compatible with both 1st and 2nd Edition games.


Class/Level Demographics
This describes my attempt to interpolate overall demographic information from data sources in the 1st Ed. DMG and other sources. It includes several results from this analysis (re: clerical healing and magic items), and an MS Excel spreadsheet which estimates character levels for a given human population.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interaction of Armor, Spells, and Items
This is a discussion of "stacking" issues in AD&D, so that they can compared with later rulesets and the changes identified.

Rules Alternatives

AD&D Mechanics Fix-Up
Streamlining the by-the-book AD&D rules for a faster, easier, and rational game experience.

Low Level Clerical Spells
Some commentators criticize the AD&D game as making magic too commonplace, and not sufficiently "fantastic" to the players. This article notes a few simple changes in the spell lists for low-level clerics and druids which might help this problem a bit.

Settings and Campaigns

The Gods of Greyhawk
Here I have a set of short writings summarizing and organizing the different ethnic pantheons in TSR's Greyhawk campaign. This was inspired by canonical 1st Edition AD&D sources, but should certainly be relevant to 3rd Edition play, in which Greyhawk was re-established as the default D&D setting.

The History of Greyhawk
This page includes a pair of articles drawing conclusions about the history of TSR's Greyhawk campaign, especially with regard to the nonhuman races. Again, these writings hold scrupulously to the original printing of the Greyhawk setting.


Advanced Rogues' Gallery
This Windows program is a generic character generator, intended to simplify creation of non-player characters. It will generate complete information for any character (simply given class & level), and dump the results to a rich-text (.RTF) file. You can view & edit the output with most common word processors. Download the zip file above.

A DOS utility for use with 1st Edition AD&D. Spllbook is a fairly simple utility to generate spellbooks for NPC magic-users. It will prompt for each magic-user's level and intelligence, and then create for each a spellbook and list them all in a file named "spllbook.txt". The DM can then manually select the most useful spells for the encounter at hand. You may find it simple to add new and game-campaign-specific spells to the data file "spells.tbl". Download the zip file above.